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The Land Use Plan

Pierce Township is in a stage of transformation with the addition of a portion of the Former Village of Amelia, a sharp uptick in residential development, and the effects of COVID-19.  The Land Use Plan is a blueprint for guiding growth in the township. Although the plan does not change zoning, or how someone may legally use their land, it points the way for changes judged necessary to meet conditions of the foreseeable future.

The Land Use Committee has been established to help to ensure that the Land Use Plan incorporates the following:

•  Community Vision

•  Existing Plans

•  Land Usage

•  Goals, Policies, and Implementation

          Meet the Land Use Committee

                   The Land Use Committee members include:

                        •  Kevin Wimmer

                        •  Fredrick Heyse

                        •  Susan Frede

                        •  Bev Benzing

                        •  Marcella Meyer

                       •  Jeff Stitt