Payment Methods:
Pierce Township does not accept credit card payments.  They only accept cash, checks and money orders.  Please make checks/money orders payable to: Pierce Township.

Residential BuildingsResidential/Non-Residential Accessory Uses & Structures
Single Family Dwelling$350.00Amateur Radio Towers$50.00
Two Family Dwelling$450.00Automated Teller Machines$100.00
Multi Family Dwelling (fee per unit)$250.00Keeping Chickens or Rabbits$25.00
Bed & Breakfast$500.00Roadside Stands$25.00
Detached Garage (1500 sq. ft. maximum - based on lot size)$50.00Small Wind Energy Systems$100.00
Room Addition / Remodel / Porches$50.00Outdoor Wood Boiler$50.00
Garage Sales - 1st one is free 2nd one is $10.00 (limit of two a year)$10.00Swimming Pool - Non-Residential$150.00
Swimming Pool - Residential$55.00Storage Shed$40.00
Fence & Walls$40.00Satellite Dish$40.00
Commercial / Industrial BuildingsAdvertising Signs
Up to 2500 sq. ft.$300.00Wall Signs ($75.00 minimum)$.50/sq. ft.
Over 2500 sq. ft.$.15 sq. ft.Free Standing Signs ($125.00 minimum)$.75/sq. ft.
Construction Trailer / Temp Permit$150.00Temporary / Special Signs$60.00
Commercial Zoning Permit (+$50.00 when parking is under review)$100.00
Churches / Religious Buildings$100.00
Temporary Uses & Structures
Temporary Outdoor Display (Sales & Storage)$50.00
Seasonal Agricultural Sales$10.00
Temporary Special Events$25.00
Temporary Structure for Institutional Use$60.00
Zoning Change / Variance / Misc. Fees
District Zone Change$400.00
PUD Concept Meeting$400.00
PUD Zone Change Application $1,800.00
Final Development Plan$575.00
Board of Zoning Appeals$400.00
Zoning Resolution Copy$25.00
Zoning Map Copy$20.00
Land Use Plan Copy$25.00
Minor Lot Split$50.00
Zoning Letter$30.00
Engineering Fees (+Amounts exceeding charged to applicant)$150.00