Snow Removal

The Service Department is responsible for clearing over 67.390 miles of roadways in the Township, most of which serve residential areas. From there, either the State or the County maintains the remaining portion of the roads. On many streets, the lack of curbs to clearly define the roadway and mailboxes make it very challenging for plow operators, and our priority is to guarantee access to police, fire, and paramedic services, as well as provide clear safe roads for our residents.

Snow Removal Tips

  • Delay non-essential travel until after the roads have been cleared.
  • When using a snow blower or plow to clear your driveway, do not put the snow out in the street.
  • To avoid shoveling your driveway entrance twice, wait until the plow truck is finished plowing the street before you shovel the end of your driveway. The plow truck operator has no choice in where to put the snow. It has to go off to the side of the road, which may include your driveway entrance.
  • Do not park on the street during a snow emergency; remove any obstruction from the right of way that would impair the salt truck (i.e., portable basketball hoops).
  • When removing snow from your driveway, if you are facing the road, place the snow to the right of the driveway. This will allow for more efficient plowing and will help keep snow from ending up back in your driveway when the plow comes through a second time.

Please be especially careful and courteous when driving around salt trucks and snowplows. Remember:

  • Do not pass a snowplow.
  • Do not assume the snowplow operator can see you. Every truck has blind spots that reduce side and rear visibility.
  • Allow plenty of stopping distance; do not follow too closely. This also reduces the chance of loose material hitting your vehicle.
  • Keep your headlights on low beam.
  • Slow down.

Whose Road Is It?

Road NameType of Road
Alpine TerracePrivate
Amberwood CourtTownship
Antiben CourtTownship
Appomatox DriveTownship
Arbor LaneTownship
Arcadia LaneTownship
Arrowhead DriveTownship
Ashwood PlaceTownship
Audobon DriveTownship
Bachelier DriveTownship
Ballymore CourtTownship
Banks RoadCounty
Bargo LanePrivate
Beckjord RoadTownship
Beech CircleTownship
Beech LaneTownship
Behymer RoadTownship
Belmont BlvdPrivate
Belwood CourtTownship
Bennett RoadTownship
Betty Jane LaneTownship
Big Sky DrivePrivate
Birch Bark CourtTownship
Birchview LaneTownship
Birchwood PlaceTownship
Birkdale WayTownship
Black Watch WayTownship
Blackjack TrailTownship
Bobwhite CourtTownship
Bradbury RoadTownship
Braewing CourtTownship
Bristol RoadTownship
Brookhaven DriveTownship
Caledonia CourtTownship
Calumet DrivePrivate
Canary LaneTownship
Carmasino DrivePrivate
Castlebay DriveTownship
Cathy WayPrivate
Cedar Ridge DrivePrivate
Cedarwood DriveTownship
Charterwood CourtTownship
Chatham LanePrivate
Chery LaneTownship
Chestnut WayTownship
Cleveland LaneTownship
Clubhouse DriveTownship
Cole RoadTownship
Concord RoadTownship
Conley RoadTownship
Cooper RoadTownship
Country Club DriveTownship
Crescent RoadTownship
Crooked Creek LanePrivate
Crossbow CourtTownship
Culver CourtTownship
Cypress CircleTownship
Cypress Point CourtTownship
Dale LaneTownship
Dale RoadTownship
Davis RoadTownship
Dee Dee LanePrivate
Deer Creek DriveTownship
Denny DriveTownship
Derby DriveTownship
Derby LanePrivate
Dogleg CourtTownship
Dogwood LanePrivate
Dorado CourtTownship
Drake DriveTownship
Dunes CourtTownship
Eagle CourtTownship
Eagles LandingTownship
East Hickory DrivePrivate
East Lakeview DriveTownship
East Legendary RunTownship
East Locust Corner RoadTownship
East Village PkwyTownship
Eastgate Mobile ParkPrivate
Eastridge DriveTownship
Edgewood DriveTownship
Elm DriveTownship
Elm Ridge DriveTownship
Elrego DriveTownship
Elrond DriveTownship
Fagins Run RoadTownship
Fairmount CirclePrivate
Fairways BlvdPrivate
Falcon CircleTownship
Fallen Tree WayTownship
Fawn CourtTownship
Finch CourtTownship
Flamingo CourtTownship
Floral AveTownship
Fox Den CourtTownship
Foxpoint CourtTownship
Franz LaneTownship
Fulton Grove RoadCounty
Gaskins RoadTownship
Gatewood DriveTownship
Gimli DriveTownship
Gleneagles CircleTownship
Golden PathPrivate
Golf Club LanePrivate
Grand CourtTownship
Grand Cypress CourtTownship
Grants Pass LaneTownship
Green RoadTownship
Greenfield LaneTownship
Greens Farm RoadTownship
Greenview WayTownship
Grouse DriveTownship
Hal Cor LaneTownship
Heron DriveTownship
Hickory LaneTownship
Hicks PlaceTownship
High Oak DriveTownship
Highland GreenTownship
Holly Ridge DriveTownship
Hopper Hill Farm RoadTownship
Hopper Hill RoadCounty
Hopper Ridge CircleTownship
Hopper Ridge RoadTownship
Hopper View BluffTownship
Hummingbird WayTownship
Hunter’s RunTownship
Hunters CourtPrivate
Hunters CourtTownship
Hunting Creek LaneTownship
Huntsman TraceTownship
Iris LaneTownship
Ivy Farm WayTownship
Jenny Lind RoadTownship
Jones LanePrivate
Judy Con DriveTownship
June DriveTownship
Kippling CrossingPrivate
Kittery LaneTownship
Lake Meadow DriveTownship
Lakewood DriveTownship
Lang RoadTownship
Legend Oaks DriveTownship
Legendary RunTownship
Legendary TrailsTownship
Legendwood LaneTownship
Lenkenann DriveTownship
Lewis RoadTownship
Link Side DrivePrivate
Live Oak DrivePrivate
Locust Corner RoadCounty
Locust DriveTownship
Locust Hill RoadPrivate
Locust Lake RoadTownship
Locust Run RoadPrivate
Logan LandingCounty
Ludlow CircleTownship
Lyons RoadTownship
Mackenzie CrossingTownship
Macpherson PlaceTownship
Mallard DriveTownship
Maple AveTownship
Maplecrest CourtTownship
Maplewood DriveTownship
Mauch RoadTownship
McCormick LanePrivate
Merwin Ten Mile RoadCounty
Michelles WhisperPrivate
Moria DriveTownship
Mott RoadTownship
Mt. Pisgah RoadCounty
Muirfield DriveTownship
Mullens WayPrivate
Mynah DriveTownship
Naegele LaneTownship
Nelp RoadTownship
Nicklaus CourtTownship
Ninemile Tobasco RoadCounty
Nordyke RoadCounty
North RevereTownship
Oak StreetTownship
Oakland FarmsPrivate
Oakwood DriveTownship
Ohio Pike (State Route 125) (SR 125)State
Old Course LaneTownship
Old Merwin RoadTownship
Old SR 52County
Old U.S. 52Township
Orchard DriveTownship
Orchard LaneTownship
Oriole CourtTownship
Osprey CourtTownship
Otter CourtTownship
Paisley CourtPrivate
Palestine StreetTownship
Palmer CourtTownship
Par Fore CourtTownship
Parkers RunTownship
Parkwood PlaceTownship
Partridge DriveTownship
Pine Forest DriveTownship
Pine Valley LaneTownship
Pintail CourtTownship
Platform StreetPrivate
Platform StreetTownship
Pond LaneTownship
Pond Run LanePrivate
Pond Run RoadTownship
Poplar CreekPrivate
Powfoot RidgeTownship
Preakness PathPrivate
Prestwick CirclePrivate
Prestwick PlacePrivate
Quail Brace CourtTownship
Red Bud CircleTownship
Red Fox DriveTownship
Redthorne DriveTownship
Ridge RoadTownship
Rivendell DriveTownship
Riverwalk DrivePrivate
Riverwalk DriveTownship
Robin WayTownship
Royal Stewart CourtTownship
Royal Troon BlvdTownship
Sandpiper CourtTownship
Shade RoadTownship
Shank LaneTownship
Sherwood LanePrivate
Slaven RoadTownship
Smith RoadPrivate
South Deer Creek DriveTownship
South Hopper RidgeTownship
South Kline AveTownship
South Revere RoadTownship
South Ridge DriveTownship
Southerness DriveTownship
Sparrow LaneTownship
Spencer CourtTownship
Spindel TopPrivate
Spindel Top HillTownship
Spresser Hill RoadTownship
Springs LanePrivate
Springwood PlaceTownship
St. Andrews DriveTownship
St. Annes GlenTownship
State Route 132 (SR 132)State
State Route 52 (SR 52)State
Steamboat LaneTownship
Stella LanePrivate
Stillmeadow DriveTownship
Stone Haven DriveTownship
Stone Hill RunTownship
Sturbridge WayPrivate
Surrender CourtTownship
Sutton WayTownship
Sycamore LaneTownship
Tartan Hill LaneTownship
Ten Mile Road (State Route 749) (SR 749)State
Terry Del LaneTownship
Tib Day LaneTownship
Tickey WayPrivate
Tickey WayTownship
Topfield DriveTownship
Tracy CourtTownship
Trahan CourtTownship
Trevino CourtTownship
Turnberry CourtTownship
Twig LaneTownship
Twin Ridge DrivePrivate
Vicksburg CourtTownship
Vineyard Green DrivePrivate
Vineyard Hills DriveTownship
Vineyard TracePrivate
Vineyard Woods DriveTownship
Wagner RoadTownship
Walnut LaneTownship
West Lakeview DriveTownship
West Legendary RunTownship
West Main StreetTownship
White Birch DrivePrivate
White Chapel CourtTownship
White Kirk WayTownship
White Oak RoadCounty
Whitehills DriveTownship
Wibbles RoadTownship
Will-o-ee DriveTownship
Willow Way CourtTownship
Wilson Dunham Hill RoadTownship
Winged Foot WayTownship
Wood Duck DriveTownship
Woodland MeadowPrivate
Woodland TrailsPrivate
Woodmere CourtPrivate
Woodmere CourtTownship
Woodside Park DriveTownship
Woodsong CourtTownship
Young RoadTownship

Who to call?

Pierce Township

Service Department

Clermont County

Engineer Office

Snow Removal FAQs

The Township Service Director monitors the road conditions when snow begins to accumulate on the pavement surface. They will then determine the call-out needs by checking radar images and the latest forecast. Our trucks are on the road within 15 to 30 minutes of being called out.

Pierce Township has a mailbox policy in place.  Any properly installed mailbox in the public right-of-way that is damaged by a Township vehicle in the process of snow removal or work detail shall be replaced at the Township’s expense.

More information can be found here