Police Services

The Pierce Township Police Department provides a variety of services to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. These services include Residential Vacation Checks, Extra Patrol Requests, Security Camera Registration, Radar Trailer and Speed Surveys, and Alzheimer’s Notifications.

We offer Residential Vacation Checks to give you peace of mind while you’re away, and Extra Patrol Requests to increase police presence in your area.

Our Security Camera Registration service helps identify potential suspects, and our Radar Trailer and Speed Survey service promotes safe driving habits.

Our Alzheimer’s Notification service is designed to assist families dealing with Alzheimer’s and related conditions. 

We are dedicated to serving our community and look forward to helping you.

Residential Vacation Check

The vacation house check is a service that is provided by the Police Department. When you are on vacation for multiple days, members of the patrol unit will do a security check on your residence.

This involves a periodic drive-by and/or walk around your residence to check for unlocked doors, broken windows, or others conditions that may appear out of the ordinary. This does not guarantee that a residence will not be vandalized or broken into; it is a reassurance program to better pinpoint a time of occurrence if your home is criminally violated.

Please complete the vacation check form at least 48 hrs. prior to your absence.

Request Vacation Check Form

Extra Patrol Request

The patrol unit patrols all parts of the township on a daily basis. Officers try to cover every part of the township several times a day. Any person may request extra patrols to alert officers to pay particular attention to a specific location during their routine patrols.

You may request extra patrol for a particular problem such as suspicious activity; concerns over someone who may cause harm to you or your property; dumping; or any traffic concerns.

Extra Patrol Request Form

Security Camera Registration

Providing your information does not give the Pierce Township Police Department direct access to your camera or its video/audio. All personal information will be kept confidential by police unless it is subject to disclosure by court order. In the event that a crime occurs in the vicinity of your camera and you are asked to share video/audio with the Pierce Township Police Department, you have the right to decline.

Participants who enter a residence or place of business in the Security Camera Program may remove themselves at any time. The goal of this digital “neighborhood watch” program is to reduce crime in the community. 

Registration is free and voluntary. With questions or concerns, please contact the Pierce Township Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at (513) 752-4100

Register your Camera

Radar Trailer and Speed Survey

The Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer (SMART) is currently available for use in neighborhoods, school zones, construction sites, and dangerous roads where the speed of vehicles could be a problem. This unit is a portable, self-contained speed display device that is towed to sites experiencing speed-related problems. A specially designed radar is mounted inside the locked trailer, clocking speeds. Motorists see their speeds displayed on a highly visible lighted display. The speed limit sign above the display reminds motorists to pay attention and obey the posted speed limit.

An onboard computer collects information pertaining to date, time, and speed of each vehicle that passes it. With this information, the police department is able to appropriately dispatch road officers on the right day and time to enforce speed limits.

As speed awareness goes up, motorists slow down, even after the unit is moved to a different location. With fewer speed-related accidents, officers’ time is freed up, and they can concentrate their efforts on other issues. Plus, citizens feel safer, which is what compliance with the speed limit is all about: safety.

To request the radar trailer to be setup within Pierce Township, click the link below and fill out the form.

Radar Trailer Request Form

Alzheimer’s Notification

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, and fear they may become disoriented, fill out our Alzheimer’s notification form. This information will help the Police Department in finding and identifying your loved one in the event of an emergency.

Please click below to fill out this form.

**Please have a recent photo of the person available at the time of form submission.**

Alzheimer's Notification Form