About The Fire Department

Although it still says Fire Department over our doors, your Pierce Township Fire Departments has evolved far beyond the volunteer fire department established in 1956.

In addition to fire suppression and emergency medical response, our dedicated Firefighter EMTS and Paramedics are crossed-trained in disciplines such as water rescue, hazardous materials response, National Incident Management Systems, life safety inspections, and fire investigations. Several have specialized training in the fields of rope rescue, trench rescue, confined space rescue, and terrorism awareness and response. With on-going training to maintain proficiency, modern equipment, and advances, our goal is to provide the finest possible services to our residents and visitors 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The Fire Department is currently rated at a 4/4y with the Insurance Services Office Inc. (ISO), a rating achieved by only approximately 7,000 fire departments out of 30,000 in the United States.

The Fire Department serves a population of approximately 18,000 residents and has a response area of approximately thirty-seven square miles, including service to Ohio Township provided by contract. With three elementary school campuses, the Ohio River, rural areas and farms, residential neighborhoods, recreational areas, and various commercial properties; our 43 dedicated men and women serve our community from two fire stations. We have 9 Fire/EMS personnel on duty per day to serve you, with additional response resources available through mutual aid agreements, should the need arise.

When not responding to emergencies, our members are active in our schools through fire prevention and education initiatives, servicing and maintaining fire hydrants, conducting commercial life safety inspections and pre-incident surveys, installing smoke detectors, teaching CPR and First Aid, maintaining our stations and equipment, and striving to support, build, and better our community.

In 2023 our personnel responded to close to 3000 details, including medical emergencies, structure fires, auto accidents and severe weather emergencies. As the residential population of Pierce Township continues to grow, our personnel remain ready to meet the needs!

Fire Divisions

  • Operations Division

    The operations division is responsible for the daily activities of all firefighters and fire equipment. Everyday personnel are responsible for ensuring all units remain in a state of readiness and respond to emergencies as they arise.

  • Training Division

    The training division is responsible for developing and implementing training for personnel. The training division also maintains Pierce Township Fire Department training site accreditation through the State of Ohio. CPR and first aid classes for the public are managed by the training division.

  • Fire Prevention Division

    The fire prevention division is tasked with community safety. This was accomplished with code enforcement, ensuring the installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment, Knox Keybox program management, and property pre-incident planning. 

Fire Department Adminstration

Call 513-752-6273 to reach the fire department.

Craig Wright

Fire Chief

Pierce Township Fire Chief Craig Wright
Jim Watkins

Assistant Fire Chief

Pierce Township Assistant Fire Chief Jim Wright
Mike Masterson

Deputy Fire Chief

Pierce Township Deputy Fire Chief Mike Masterson