About the Service Department

The Service Department wears many hats in the township and strives to provide quality services to the township community. The department operates with eleven full-time employees and one part-time employee.

The Service Department currently maintains 67.390 miles of roads in the township. They are responsible for the maintenance needs of all township roads and their corresponding right-of-ways.

In addition to township roads, the department maintains township-owned buildings and open spaces including seven parks and a cemetery. This includes mowing, trimming, installing footers, opening/closing graves, and maintenance of the sporting fields/courts.

Service Department Hours are Monday – Friday 6:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Who to Call

Call 513-947-2021 to reach the service department or call 513-752-6262 option 4 to reach the assistant.

John Koehler

Service Department Director

Norman Darnell

Cemetery / Parks Foreman

Mike Casteel

Township Roads Foreman

Laura Goodwin

Service Department Assistant

Service Department FAQs

The difference between local, private, and county roads in Pierce Township is one of the most commonly misunderstood issues by residents and visitors of Pierce Township. The confusion lies in who provides the services to the different designations of roads. Pierce Township, Clermont County, and the State of Ohio each maintain certain public roads. You can find out whose road it is – HERE

If you spot a dead animal on any of the Township roads, you may call or use the “Report a Road Problem” form. The Service Department will only pick up animals over 50 pounds and depending on the level of decomposition, we may remove the animal or use a substance that will help increase the rate of putrefaction and help reduce the odor.

For a dead animal pickup on county roadways, you must call the Clermont County Engineer’s office at 513.732.8857, and for state routes, you will need to call the Ohio Department of Transportation at 513.797.6008

Go to “Whose Road Is It” to determine which government entity handles road maintenance.

This office is prohibited by law from paying for damage to vehicles that have hit potholes.

While potholes are one of our highest priorities, they are beyond our control.  We make every effort to fix a pothole as soon as we are made aware of it, even if it means having a crew on overtime come in and fix it. Pierce Township Service Department only fixes potholes on township roads. You can go to “Whose Road Is It” to determine ownership of a roadway.

We appreciate all notifications of potholes (or any other road problem) and ask the traveling public to let us know of any road problems they observe.  Please contact the Service Department at 513.947.2021 or use “Report a Road Problem”

Pothole repairs will be conducted only when weather conditions do not limit the ability to perform the work or when such work would not endanger the safety of county employees and equipment.  Factors that may delay repairs are cold temperatures, rain, snow, and ice conditions.

The Service Department will document all repairs to potholes that are made under its jurisdiction.  Records will not necessarily identify each individual pothole but show the general location where repairs are made.   If the Township knows of a pothole in a road and it is not able to repair it, it will consider the use of warning signs or devices.  Factors that will be examined will be the location of the pothole, how dangerous it is, and whether a warning sign or device would be effective.

All water service in Pierce Township is provided by either The Clermont County Water Resources Department 513.732.7970 or Tate Monroe Water 513.734.2236.

Pierce Township has a sidewalk repair & replacement policy.  To view the policy, click here.

The Township mowing session starts in early spring and ends in late fall. It is our goal to keep the right-of-ways mowed and free of litter, which will help enhance the look of our community. The Service Department will mow or trim any right-of-way that diminishes sight distance. We also trim around obstructed signs and guardrails.

The Service Department will trim or cut tree branches that are extending over the pavement or obscuring any pedestrian or safety signs. In residential districts, we will attempt to notify the Home Owners Association in a timely manner.