Park Rules

  • Closed from dusk to dawn.
  • No littering. All refuse, garbage, and waste materials are to be placed in provided waste containers.
  • All domestic animals are to be under leash control, except within the off-leash dog park. Owners are expected to clean up their pet’s waste.
  • Hunting and trapping of any kind is prohibited.
  • No fires except in grills for cooking purposes. Dumping ashes or fire from grills onto the ground or into waste containers is prohibited.
  • Unlawful and unruly behavior is prohibited and will be cause for ejection from the park or nature area premises.
  • Bicycles are allowed only on paved paths.
  • Motorized vehicles, except for maintenance, are prohibited.
  • Special events shall be with prior approval of the Township Administrator.
  • Scheduling of the ballfields, shelter house, and learning center is through the Township Administration office.
  • Damaging, defacing or removal of any park structure or natural resource is prohibited.
  • No camping or campfires.
  • All parks and nature areas are non-smoking areas.

Dog Park Rules

  • The Off-Leash Dog Park is for dogs, their handlers, and those accompanying them.
  • Owners are legally responsible for their dog(s) and any injury caused by them. If your dog becomes unruly or aggressive, leash immediately and leave the field. In case of an incident, owners are required to provide personal information to involved parties and submit a completed incident report.
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered, licensed, vaccinated, and wearing a collar with current tags.
  • Dogs under the age of four months are not permitted.
  • Dog owners must keep their dog(s) in view at all times.
  • Clean up and dispose of feces left by your dog per section 3745-27-01-03 of the Ohio Revised Code.
  • Owners must carry a leash at all times. All dogs must be leashed in all other areas of the Pierce Township Parks.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please maintain the safety of the transfer gate system. Do not enter if another dog is within the transfer area.
  • Smoking, alcohol, food, and dog treats are not permitted inside the Dog Park.
  • Unattended dogs will be removed by Clermont County Animal Control Officer.
  • PROPER HUMAN BEHAVIOR IS REQUIRED. Physical violence and/or verbally abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Behavior deemed to be aggressive, intimidating, or having the objective of inciting violence and/or promoting or escalating potential situations will be subject to immediate ejection from the premises.


As of now, our park areas are available on a first-come first served basis.

Coyotes are an invasive species but are very common in Ohio. To keep them from returning be sure to remove any outdoor attractants (like garbage or pet food). If they are still returning after you’ve removed those, consider calling the Division of Wildlife to find a local tracker (1-800-945-3543). For more tips click here.

We do not currently offer vending machines at any of the Pierce Township Parks.

Yes, however, we do turn them off for winter (between November and March).

None of our parks have breed or weight restrictions. However, we do require you to pick up after your dog and keep them on a leash when not in our dog park.