Disaster Preparedness

Outdoor Sirens

Outdoor Weather Warning Siren

Outdoor Warning Sirens are sounded at noon on the first Wednesday of each month to test operability. The warning sirens are strategically located throughout the community. To hear what the siren sounds like, click here.

Act quickly once you hear the siren. Other than the monthly test, when you hear these sirens you should immediately tune into LOCAL television or radio for instructions as to why the siren has sounded and what to do.  

Do Not go outside to see the weather

Do Not open windows

Do Not call 9-1-1, police, fire or EMA to ask questions

Do Not go near window, doors, and outside walls

Do turn on LOCAL television or radio for further information

Do Not WAIT!

Pierce Township employees inspect the outdoor warning sirens during the monthly test. Sometimes some sirens are not able to be checked due to 911 emergencies and other responsibilities. If you have any further questions, or to report a malfunctioning siren, contact the Fire Department at (513) 752-6273.