Pierce Township communications guidelines:

Our goal is to encourage citizen involvement and support of our local community through the provision of timely communication.

Pierce Township would like to encourage residents to subscribe to the Township email newsletter so that Township announcements and notices may be received in a timely fashion.

Pierce Township will not spam residents. For the purpose of this policy, spam is considered;

-More than one email per 14-day period per event topic, unless otherwise indicated by the recipient via Cerkl
-Messages that are not Township announcements or events of public interest

Township Messages:
Pierce Township will send messages pertaining to official Township events, notices, public meeting agendas, meeting minutes, weather cautions, emergency notices, and similar notices when deemed appropriate and beneficial to the Pierce Township public at large.

Non-Township Messages:
On occasion and at the discretion of the Administrator and/or Trustees, non-municipal messages from entities of the surrounding area and other similar non-profit organizations may be submitted and distributed when the message is a public service announcement of a non-profit event.

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