Police Operations

The Pierce Township Police Department was founded in the 1950s with one full-time Constable. Since then the police department has grown into a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year agency. We are responsible for all law enforcement services within the 23 square mile township limit, and in 2019 we assumed responsibility for parts of the former village of Amelia south of SR 125. The department has the following divisions.


Under the direction of the Police Chief, the Administrative Lieutenant oversees duties associated with this area such as writing/amending department policies, applying for/administering grants, managing department training and other administrative functions.

The Administration section directs the overall activities of the Police Department to accomplish the mission and goals of the organization; ensuring that personnel and resources are used in the most efficient and effective manner.


The Investigative Unit is staffed by one Detective and one investigator and are responsible for conducting follow-up investigations on felony and serious or complex misdemeanor crimes committed in Pierce Township. It is overseen by the Administrative Lieutenant.


The Patrol Unit of the Pierce Township Police Department is responsible for providing the citizens of Pierce Township with the highest level of professional police service and protection. The officers are tasked with enforcing criminal laws, traffic laws, township resolutions, and maintaining public peace and safety. In addition, many of these officers perform additional tasks related to our programs/operations (i.e. radar trailer, field training officer, physical fitness specialist, and crime prevention).

The officers assigned to the Patrol unit are dedicated to working in partnership with the members of our community in anticipating and preventing problems and to improving the quality of life for our township residents and visitors.

The Patrol Unit is organized into four 12-hour shifts, each directed by a shift supervisor. To have an officer call you or respond to your location, call 513-732-2231 (Clermont County Dispatch Center).

Crime Prevention

The crime prevention unit employs a multifaceted approach that includes public education, targeted patrols, improving business security, and community engagement.

We provide resources and educational materials on our website, conduct enforcement operations in high-crime areas, and work with local businesses to reduce theft and break-ins.

Additionally, PTPD offers programs and events that bring law enforcement and community members together. By working collaboratively, we can make our neighborhoods safer and more secure.

For crime prevention is not just about law enforcement. The police department needs your help to be effective. By being vigilant, reporting suspicious activity, and taking steps to protect yourself and your property, you can play an active role in preventing crime in our community.

Narcotics Unit

The Police Department currently has personnel assigned to the Clermont County Narcotics Unit. This unit operates under the authority of the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office and is comprised of agents both from the ranks of deputy sheriffs and police officers from other Clermont County law enforcement agencies.

The Narcotics Unit is tasked with the responsibility of gathering intelligence and investigating cases involving illegal drug manufacture, use, and distribution. The Unit also works cooperatively with other state and federal law enforcement agencies, in particular the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), with the objective of suppressing interstate drug trafficking that originates or terminates within Clermont County. A substantial amount of Drug Unit expenses are funded through a grant administered by the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services.

The Drug Unit phone number is (513) 625-2806. Citizens may call this number to anonymously report illegal drug activity within Clermont County.

Special Response Team

Pierce Township Police Department, along with other jurisdictions, provides officers to the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SRT).

The Sheriff’s Office SRT is tasked with the responsibility of responding to critical, life-threatening incidents within Clermont County. Examples of SRT operations include Hostage situations or barricaded subjects, tracking fugitives, and high-risk search warrants. The team consists of officers specially trained in offensive tactics, negotiation, and marksmanship.

The SRT also has state-of-the-art weapons and equipment to allow the team to professionally and effectively discharge its duties.

Bike Patrol

Our bike patrol unit plays a key role in community control and safety. Officers are trained and equipped with bicycles, allowing them to easily patrol areas inaccessible by traditional police vehicles. This approach fosters a positive relationship with the community, creating trust, cooperation, and a sense of security. The bike patrol is particularly effective during community events and in areas with high foot traffic, promoting safety and preventing crime.