Board of Trustees Police Levy Review

March 4, 2024

The Pierce Township Board of Trustees reviewed the status of the current Police Department levies on Monday, February 26th in conjunction with the current and future Department budget projections.

The Township has adopted five (5) levies to support our Police Department since 1976, the most recent was approved by voters in 2007 (effective 2008). The most recent levy was expected to last ten (10) years.  Due to good financial management and growth in the Township, the levy’s revenues have lasted sixteen years.  The Board reviewed the history of the levies, revenues and expenditures, and assessed future budget and revenue projections. 

While no decision was made at the meeting regarding a future levy, the Board noted that revenues are currently insufficient to cover operating costs and the fund will deplete fund balances in 2026.  The Board plans future meetings to continue discussing future levy options for the Police Department. 

A copy of the presentation can be found by clicking here