Police Liaison Program Contributes to Apartment Complex Transformation

March 21, 2024

The apartment complex on St. Andrews Drive is finally trending in the right direction.

Several years ago, when it was known as Royal Oaks on The Green, Pierce Township police officers were frequently responding to calls at the complex. In some cases, officers were responding to serious offenses including drug crimes and murders.

In 2019, the department started closely monitoring Royal Oaks, after the former owners of the complex entered into an agreement with the township. Less than two years later, there was an injunction filed against the owners over the condition of the property.

By the end of 2021, Luma Properties had purchased the complex, and made plans for a complete renovation. Just months later, Pierce Township Police Chief Paul Broxterman launched a police liaison program with the new owners. The main focus was to remove problematic tenants.

Tenant calls to police drastically dropped in the months after the program launched in the spring of 2022.

Looking at the most recent numbers, the impact is clear. In 2021, before the program was in place, tenants were calling police an average of 39 times per month. In 2023, that number dropped to about 5 calls per month.

Luma Properties also significantly improved the condition of the property, now known as The Links Apartments, with several major projects including the construction of a new community building.

The apartments and grounds were also transformed, and the work will continue. Luma is planning to unveil a freshly renovated pool when summer arrives.