Updates on Recent Sewage Discharge Along Nine Mile Creek

June 21, 2023

***Lasted Update***

Here are the results in c.f.u./100mL collected on 6/22/2023:

NM US (upstream of bypass): 120

NM NF (just downstream of bypass): 63

NM FF (1/4 mile downstream of bypass): 86

NM FF Mixed (1/4 mile downstream of bypass, water column mixed): 110

NM Plant (at Locust Corner Rd. Bridge, upstream wastewater plant): 29

These locations are shown in the attached map, click here to view map. The NM FF mixed sample was taken in the same location as NM FF after I disturbed the solids on the bottom of the streambed. Though results are below background levels, we’ll take samples again next week by Thursday after we get more rain.

On the evening of June 8th/9th, a bypass pump that was being employed by a contractor for Clermont County Water Resources Department in conjunction with a new collector line along Nine Mile Creek malfunctioned, resulting in a discharge of sanitary sewage into the creek.  Although the pump was restored early on June 9th, the resulting discharge was estimated by Water Resources at 175,000 gallons.  Some immediate impacts to fish and other aquatic life occurred within the affected area (see map below), however the effluent has since been diluted by subsequent rainfall and flow of the creek.  Ohio EPA and the Ohio Division of Natural Resources were informed of the discharge and have both visited the site.

Here is the sampling data sent to us by Water Resources taken on June 16th, 2023:

“The E.coli results from samples taken 6/16/23 are as follows:

 E.coli total coliforms/100ML (1)

· NM US (upstream of spill):  290

· NM NF (immediate downstream of spill): 250

· NM FF (3/4 mile downstream of spill):  380

  1. The reported samples do not certify that the creek is safe for recreational use

Ninemile Creek’s recreational use designation (OAC 37-1-07) is secondary contact, meaning it is not expected to be used for swimming or kayaking as it is not deep enough during average non-storm conditions. Secondary contact criteria for E.coli is 1030 c.f.u./100 ML (OAC 3745-1-37) – so results from our 6/16 sampling event are well below that. If you plan to swim in the creek or do other activities that put you at a higher risk of getting water in your mouth, you could reference the primary contact criteria, which is 126. It is important to note that there is a background level of E.coli that is present in Ninemile Creek even when there has been no spill. This is evidenced by the sample taken upstream of the spill location reading 290, which is actually higher than the result of the sample taken immediately downstream of the spill. There will always be some level of E.coli in the creek.

Minnows and other animals and insects were observed being active in the creek downstream of the spill during the 6/16 sampling event. This is a good sign indicating that the stream is starting to recover from the spill.”

 For more information, please contact Clermont County Water Resources at:

4400 Haskell Ln

Batavia, OH 45103