Congratulations to Pierce Township Salute to Leaders Winners

July 22, 2020

Congratulations to the Pierce Township Salute to Leaders Winners from the Clermont Chamber of Commerce, George Carpenter and Randy and Darlene Page!

George is recognized for his work in the Township. George has served as a member of the Pierce Parks Committee since 2016. He was instrumental in the development of the Parks Master Plan and has worked with the committee to bring several projects to fruition. His engineering expertise has added value to many projects, including the Learning Center/Restroom Facility soon to be under construction in Pierce Park. He also orchestrated and participated in several community fundraising events for the public to enjoy such as Parkfest and The Pupkin Parade. He can be found running the chipper and tackling invasive species during park clean up days. We truly appreciate George’s dedication to Pierce Parks and Greenspace for the enjoyment of our community.  

Randy and Darlene Page are recipients on the Vibrancy Award. With several hundred acres of parkland to maintain, there is always work to be done. And thanks to their vision and dedication, Randy and Darlene Page make the Pierce Township Park a better place for everyone to enjoy. From refurbishing the park benches, to plant selection and flower bed maintenance, to devising a raccoon proof solution for the garbage cans, their hard work commitment and creative ideas truly make the parks better!


You can view a recording of the awards ceremony by clicking here.