Vegetation Clearing to Begin in February

January 31, 2023

Vegetation clearing to begin mid-February by Duke Energy for the Bethel-Batavia Pipeline. Vegetation clearing involutes the removal of trees, shrubbery, and grass. This work is expected to continue through April 2023. Survey crews will be working ahead of clearing activities to stake the right-of-way area.


Pipeline construction is scheduled to begin in May 2023 and be completed later this fall. Residents will receive a letter followed by a postcard to notify you of the start of the construction in your area.


If you have any questions about the vegetation clearing, please reach out via Duke Energy project hotline at 513.287.2130 or by email at


More information can be found by viewing Duke Energy’s website link provided below.…/bethel-batavia-pipeline


You can also view on the interactive map –