Pierce Township Leadership

  • Trustee - Chair of the Board

    Allen Freeman



    Allen took office as a trustee on January 1, 2016. Allen has been a small business owner for nearly 10 years. His consulting business has been responsible for developing successful financial and public relations strategies for a number of local governments and businesses. He has worked closely with the Banks Riverfront Development project in Cincinnati as well as the Brent Spence Bridge, Martin Luther King Interchange and now the Cincinnati Eastern Bypass.

    He previously was District Representative to former Congressman Rob Portman, Political Director for the Hamilton County Republican Party, and Communications and Public Affairs Manager for the Ohio, Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments. He currently serves as Clermont County Representative for the SORTA Board of Trustees.

    He lives with his two daughters and wife. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati.

  • Trustee - Vice Chair

    Pete Kambelos, M.D.



    Dr. Kambelos currently serves as Vice Chair of the Board and took office on January 2, 2021. A Fellow of the American College of Physicians, he is a solo Internal Medicine specialist, having practiced medicine for over 25 years. He is past parish council president of Holy Trinity-St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, past president of the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati, past Trustee of Cincinnati State College and has served on the Board of Trustees of SPCA Cincinnati for several years.

    Dr. Kambelos served on the Clermont Co. Republican Party central committee and is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. A native of Maysville, Kentucky, he is a devoted advocate for animals, having several as a part of his own family.

  • Trustee

    Nick Kelly



    Nick took office on January 1, 2018. He lives in the Stillmeadow area of Pierce Township with his wife, Laura, son Owen and daughter Claire. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Northern Kentucky University and has worked in operations management in a leadership position for a Fortune 500 company. Involved in small business from an early age, Nick currently operates a family business.

  • Fiscal Officer

    Debbie Schwey



    Elected to the position of fiscal officer November 2015, Took office December 2015. Debbie has lived her whole life in Pierce Township. She attended school at the old Pierce Elementary School and then graduated from New Richmond High School.

    Debbie retired from banking after 35 years from Chase Bank in 2015. In addition, she has served as Clerk Treasurer for 10 years for the former Village of Amelia (1999-2000), also served on the village council for 4 years.

  • Township Administrator

    Tim Williams



    Tim has been a City Manager, City Administrator, Finance Director, and Mayoral Aide over his thirty-three year local government career. He has served in both large and small communities and worked closely with elected officials and appointed boards in management, goal setting and the visioning processes. He has extensive experience in governmental accounting and budgeting, economic development, and citizen engagement. He retired after 11 ½ years as City Administrator of Crestview Hills, Kentucky in late 2020. He currently serves as the Senior Advisor for the Kentucky and International City Management Association and is a life member in both the ICMA and Northern Kentucky City/County Management Association.

    Tim attended the University of Kentucky as both an undergraduate and graduate student in Economics and Political Science. He speaks regularly to governmental groups and agencies on visioning the future, goal setting and planning, and governmental budgeting.

  • Fire Department

    Chief Craig Wright



    Chief Craig Wright began his fire service career in 1995 as a fire explorer with the Union Township Fire Department in Clermont County.  In 1999, the Union Township Fire Department hired him as a Firefighter /EMT.

    Chief Wright came to work at Pierce Township in 2002 as a part-time Firefighter/EMT. He was promoted to full-time Lieutenant in 2003. In 2012, he was promoted to Fire Captain, overseeing the department’s Operations Division. In March 2013, Craig was appointed Interim Fire Chief during a transitioning period. In October 2013, Craig was appointed to be the Fire Chief by the Board of Trustees.

    Chief Wright has over 28 years of experience in the fire service, working in several communities and in several different capacities throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. He is a graduate of the Bethesda North Paramedic training program, a graduate of the Ohio Fire Academy as a Firefighter II, Fire Inspector, Fire Instructor, Live Fire Instructor, EMS continuing education instructor, Certified Fire and Explosive Investigator, Hazardous Materials Technician, Rope Rescue Technician, Trench Rescue Technician, and a Fire Officer III. Craig also holds numerous professional and technical certifications related to his field. Chief Wright is a Clermont Chamber of Commerce Lead Clermont leadership program graduate. He is a member of the Clermont County Fire Investigation Team, the Ohio State Firefighters Association, the Ohio Fire Chiefs Association, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and the National Association of Fire Investigators. Craig served for many years as the Safety Director of a local outdoor festival, has served on the Board of Directors for a local non-profit charity, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Clermont County Fire Chiefs Alliance.

    Chief Wright lives with his wife Melissa, their daughter Addison, and their son Brayden.

  • Chief Paul Broxterman in uniform

    Police Department

    Colonel Paul F. Broxterman, Jr.



    Paul Broxterman was appointed as the Pierce Township Police Chief on February 28, 2022. Prior to joining the Pierce Township Police Department, he served for 33 years with the Cincinnati Police Department, where he held the rank of captain for 16 years.

    Chief Broxterman has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati. He is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute’s 115th Administrative Officers’ Course. Chief Broxterman has two sons – Andrew and Nicholas.

    Chief Broxterman is committed to keeping Pierce Township safe by developing innovative policing strategies and engaging with the community in problem-solving efforts. Providing exemplary protection and service will continue to be at the forefront of the Pierce Township Police Department.

  • Service Department

    Director John Koehler



    Appointed by the Pierce Township Board of Trustees, John joined Pierce Township Service Department in October 2012 and was promoted to Service Department Director in March 2013. John administers the department’s day-to-day operations, such as road resurfacing, repairing damaged asphalt, park maintenance, snow removal, maintaining the Township’s cemeteries, and the maintenance of road curbs, ditches, and gutters.John brings an extensive background in construction and equipment operation. Before coming to Pierce Township, John had private sector experience working for Koehler & Day Blacktopping Inc and Neatcrete, where he has many years of experience on various types of projects which included operating equipment, pouring concrete, installing storm sewers, and laying blacktop.