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Apply for a Yard Sale Permit

Pierce Township Zoning allows two yard sale(s) a year for three consecutive days for residential properties only.  The 1st yard sale is free with the 2nd yard sale for $10.00.

Click the “Application for a Zoning Permit Link” if this is your 2nd yard sale in the past 12 months. If it is your 1st yard sale in the last 12 months, complete the form below.

Application for a Zoning Permit

This form is for a yard sale for a residential property, if the property is a business, do not complete this form.
If yes, complete an application for a zoning permit link above
If no, proceed to exemption questions below
Resident Name:
Resident Address:
Resident Phone #:
Resident City, State, & Zip Code:
Please confirm that you are the property owner or have obtained the property owner’s permission
Date of Yard Sale (1st Day):
Date of Yard Sale (2nd Day):
Date of Yard Sale (3rd Day):