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Whose road is it?

Type of Roads

The difference between local, private, and county roads in Pierce Township is one of the most commonly misunderstood issue to the residents and visitors of Pierce Township.  The confusion lies in who provides the services to the different designations of roads. 

Pierce Township has over 181 roads.  Of those 181 roads, approximately 57.402 miles miles of the roads are owned and maintained by Pierce Township.  An additional 11 roads are considered to be county roads, which run through Pierce Township but are actually are owned and serviced by Clermont County. 

Pierce Township Roads

The Service Department of Pierce Township maintains most residential roads.  Township neighborhood services and road improvement projects are provided through a combination of property tax dollars, gas taxes, and license taxes.

Click here for a list of Pierce Township roads.

For questions regarding a township road, please call 513.947.2021.

Private Drives

Private drive maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowners or their homeowner association.  The following streets are designated as private drives:

  • Alpine Terrace
  • Bargo Lane
  • Belmont Blvd
  • Big Sky Drive
  • Calumet Drive
  • Carmasino Drive
  • Cathy Way
  • Cedar Ridge Drive
  • Crooked Creek Lane
  • Dee Dee Lane
  • East Hickory Drive
  • Eastgate Mobile Park
  • Golden Path
  • Golf Club Lane
  • Jones Lane
  • Link Side Drive
  • Live Oak Drive
  • Locust Hill Road
  • Locust Run Road
  • McCormick Lane
  • Michelles Whisper
  • Mullens Way
  • Oakland Farms
  • Pond Run Road
  • Poplar Creek
  • Preakness Path
  • Riverwalk
  • Sherwood Lane
  • Smith Road
  • Spindel Top
  • Springs Lane
  • Stella Lane
  • Twin Ridge Drive
  • Vineyard Trace
  • Vineyard Green Drive
  • Whip-o-will
  • White Birch Lane
  • Woodland Meadows
  • Woodland Trails

Road Services

  • Snow and ice removal (through salting and plowing)
  • Repairs (curb and potholes)
  • Resurfacing and periodic maintenance (from the roadway)
  • Catch basin and storm sewer repairs
  • Street signs (street names and regulatory signs)
  • Catch basin cleaning

Clermont County Roads

Clermont County is responsible for basic road services to the designated county roads.  County road construction, county storm sewer systems, snow removal, salt, and repairs on county roads are paid through state income taxes, gas taxes, and license taxes.

To reach the Clermont County Engineer call 513.732.8857 or on the web at 

Roads within Pierce Township that Clermont County are responsible for maintaining:

  • Banks Road
  • Fulton Grove Road
  • Hopper Hill Road
  • Locust Corner Road
  • Logan Landing
  • Merwin Ten Mile Road
  • Mt. Pisgah Road
  • Nine Mile Road
  • Nordyke Road
  • Old SR 52
  • White Oak Road

To view traffic counts on County Roads go to

State Roads

Roads within Pierce Township that State of Ohio are responsible for maintaining: 

  • Ohio Pike (State Route 125)
  • State Route 52
  • State Route 132
  • State Route 749 (Ten Mile Road)

To view traffic counts on State Roads go to

To reach the State of Ohio Department of Transportation District 8 call 513.797.6008 or on the web at           For News Releases click here

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