Streetlighting Districts Offer an Option to Maintain Lighting in Subdivisions in the Former Village of Amelia

December 13, 2020

Unlike Cities and Villages, Townships are generally not responsible for street lighting unless accepted by petition.  In Pierce Township, when new subdivisions are constructed, usually the homeowner’s association includes the cost of streetlighting as an assessment paid by their members. 

There are several lights along the SR 125 corridor and at intersections that have been evaluated by ODOT and the Township for retention or removal for the general benefit of the community.  ODOT did not deem any of the lighting on SR125 as essential, however, the Township Trustees have agreed to retain most, if not all of the lighting in the central business district. 

The Township does not pay for the operation and maintenance of street lighting in subdivisions unless approved by petition to create a special lighting district with an assessment on property taxes agreed to by the benefitted property owners.  The cost of the lighting assessment is generally calculated by dividing the Duke Energy bill cost by the number of parcels within the designated district/subdivision.

In order for the Township to accept the monthly billing to maintain lighting within subdivisions which now have street lighting, the homeowners must agree to an assessment of the costs through the petition process.  A petition requesting street lighting will be drafted by the Township. Prior to finalizing the petition, the monthly cost to maintain the existing street lighting will be estimated for each parcel. 

To initiate a lighting district, at least 51% of the property owners must sign the petition in order for an assessment to be considered by the Trustees.  After the petition is received and validated, a public hearing must be held to consider any objections or questions regarding establishment of the assessment district.  If the Trustees vote to proceed, a Resolution must be drafted and approved to create the district.

Once the district has been approved by the Trustees, the map and assessment list is sent to the County Auditor, and property owners would start paying this cost through their property tax bill.  More information will be shared as soon as it becomes available.