SR 125 Water Main Replacement Project

January 5, 2022

On December 6, 2021 the Board of Clermont County Commissioners awarded the bid and executed the construction contract with Majors Enterprises, Inc. for the SR 125 Water Main Replacement Project.  This project will include the construction of new water main from 1375 SR 125 to 1401 SR 125, and from 99 W. Main Street to Chapel Road on SR 125. Additionally, new water services and fire hydrants will be installed from Amelia-Olive Branch Road to Chapel Road.

Construction activities are scheduled to begin in early January, and the construction contract has a duration of 105 calendar days (weather permitting). All work is to be done at night between the hours of 7:30 PM and 5:30 AM. The existing water main will remain in service during and after the new water main is constructed.  After the new water main is completed, tested and connected to the existing water system, final restoration work will be completed.  Individual water services will not be affected.  The Contractor will notify affected property owners in advance regarding temporary interruption of their water service during tie-ins to the new water main.

We appreciate your patience while this work is completed.  Please feel free to contact Matt Sander at Clermont County Water Resources with any questions or concerns at (513) 732-8882 or