Pierce Township Considering Options for Facilities Upgrades

June 17, 2024

Pierce Township is working with Brandstetter Carroll Engineers & Architects to develop plans for upgrades to township facilities.

Multiple township departments are dealing with facility issues, ranging from storage to safety concerns.

“The [fire] station was built in 1964 for a volunteer department that had no employees in the building, except when a run came,” said Pierce Township Fire Chief Craig Wright. “Now we have firefighters here 24 hours day. They shower here, they sleep here, they cook here.”

Wright began his fire service career in 1995, and through the years, he has seen safety standards evolve.

“We’re in a new era of cancer prevention and carcinogens. One of the important pieces of that is, after a fire, washing that off your body so it doesn’t absorb through the skin. Right now, firefighters are waiting in line for the shower while you have those contaminants on you.”

Shower for Pierce Township Fire Department

The fire department also houses the electrical system for the entire Locust Corner facility, because the firehouse is the original structure. As the building expanded, a sprinkler system had to be installed because of building and fire codes.

“The sprinkler system originates in the firehouse. The mains for the sprinkler system run directly overhead of all the main breaker panels and the phone system. In the past when we’ve had leaks, we’ve had to tarp the breaker panels to keep water from running into them,” Wright said.

Sprinkler system pipe runs over electric panels in firehouse

According to Pierce Township Police Chief Paul Broxterman, facility issues also impact recruiting and retention.

“There’s been a shortage of law enforcement applicants nationwide the past 5 years, and Clermont County is no exception,” Broxterman said. “Every police department in Clermont County is fighting for the same applicants, and working environment plays a big part. This building does not do us any favors. Officers can’t even walk two abreast down the hallway. We have lockers in shower stalls.”

Police lockers in shower stall

Township leaders want to hear from the public about these plans, so they have scheduled an open house and work session:

Amelia Branch Library (58 Maple Avenue)
Monday, June 17, 3 pm (start of open house)

Depending on recommendations and public input, plans will move forward following this work session.