Reminder to Property Owners in the former Village of Amelia Streetlighting Petition

Streetlighting Petition – Reminder to Property Owners in the former Village of Amelia

If you are a resident of Sedona Ridge or Quail Creek Subdivision without an active Homeowner’s Association, and you want to keep the streetlights in your subdivision, please be advised that you must respond to the petition mailed to each property owner.

 The Township does not pay for the operation and maintenance of street lighting in subdivisions unless approved by petition to create a special lighting district with an assessment on property taxes agreed to by the benefitted property owners.  The cost of the lighting assessment is generally calculated by dividing the Duke Energy bill cost by the number of parcels within the designated district/subdivision.

To initiate a lighting district, at least 51% of the property owners must sign and return the petition in order for an assessment to be considered by the Trustees.  Therefore, if you do not vote IN FAVOR of the Streetlighting petition, you are counted as a NO VOTE.

 The mailing included the petition form for Sedona Ridge & Quail Creek (click on name of the subdivision to complete the street lighting petition)

If you have any questions, please contact Loretta Rokey at 513-947-2000 or via email at