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Please use the form below to let us know about any service department concerns, such as dead deer, potholes, mowing, etc.  If you have any questions before completing this form, contact Service Department Assistant, Laura Goodwin at 513.947.2021 selecting option #3.

Pierce Township Service Department will not pick up any dead animal under 50 pounds or any dead animal on private property.

Clermont County (Engineer’s Office 513.732.8857 or by clicking here to report a problem) or the State of Ohio (ODT District 8 Main # 513.932.3030 or Clermont County Garage 513.797.6008 or by clicking here to report a problem).

To determine ownership of a road go to “Whose Road Is It”

**Note: Township Service Department only supports the roads listed below. Other roads may be supported by Clermont County or the State of Ohio (contact info above). For multiple issues, please submit a separate request for each problem or location.

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