Service Department Mailbox Policy

Effective March 9, 2016, any properly installed mailbox in the public right-of-way that is damaged by a Township vehicle in the process of snow removal or work detail shall be replaced at the Township’s expense. Any and all mailboxes damaged shall be replaced with a standard size black metal mailbox placed on a treated pine or cedar 4X4 post designed for the purpose of supporting the mailbox.

In the event that a resident wishes to replace the mailbox themselves or the mailbox has a greater value, then the Township will make payment to the resident of up to a maximum of $100.00 provided the resident produces a receipt for the cost of the materials.

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Pierce Township

The Service Department of Pierce Township maintains most residential roads. Township neighborhood services and road improvement projects are provided through a combination of property tax dollars, gas taxes, and license taxes.
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Clermont County

Clermont County is responsible for basic road services to the designated county roads. County road construction, county storm sewer systems, snow removal, salt, and repairs on county roads are paid through state income taxes, gas taxes, and license taxes.
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Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) handles all State Routes and Interstates for basic road services, repair, and updates. These services are paid through state income taxes, gas taxes, and license taxes.
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