Lane Closures on US 52

Duke Energy will begin the process of lane closures on US 52 this weekend. Residents should make plans accordingly for rolling stops up to 15 minutes in duration beginning at 11:00 pm Friday. (Weather permitting)

WHAT/HOW – Short Duration Closures. MidAmerica Safety Solutions and Duke Energy will be performing short duration closures on US 52 (Ohio River Scenic Byway) approximately 5.5 miles south of I275. The approximate address of the operation is 757 US Rt 52 in New Richmond OH. This means law enforcement vehicles will enter the highway approximately 3 miles from the job zone in both directions they will gradually slow traffic to a complete stop about 500’ from the work zone on both sides. Once Traffic is brought to a halt Duke Energy can begin their work. The closure will last no more than 15 minutes. Once the closure concludes, traffic will be allowed to flow freely until the que (line of traffic) clears. Once the que has cleared another closure will follow. Message boards will be placed at least 1 week in advance

3-4 miles away from the work zone on each side alerting the public of the dates and time frame of the closures. Advanced warning signs will be in place approaching the operation on both sides: Road Work Ahead, Be Prepared to Stop, and Stop Ahead.

WHERE- Nearest address 757 US Rt 52 New Richmond OH 45157. BOTH LANES

WHEN– From March 13-16 (with a backup date of March 27-30) 11pm – 5am

WHY- to string a new section of transmission line over U.S. 52. This work is permitted by ODOT and is being coordinated with local law enforcement and traffic control to ensure public safety.