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Residential Vacation Check

house-300x224The vacation house check is a service that is provided by the Police Department.  When you are on vacation for multiple days, members of the patrol unit will do a security check on your residence.  This involves a periodic drive-by and / or walk around of your residence to check for unlocked doors, broken windows or others conditions that may appear out of the ordinary.  This does not guarantee that a residence will not be vandalized or broken into; it is a reassurance program to better pinpoint a time of occurrence if your home is criminally violated.

Please complete the vacation check form below and either fax, mail, or drop off to the police department at 950 Locust Corner Road at least 48 hrs prior to your absence.

NEW! You now can email your vacation check request form by clicking here (download the pdf fillable form below & attach the email)


Vacation Check Request Form