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Regulations for Transient, Peddler, Solicitors & Vendors

Pierce Township does allow solicitors. A solicitor must register with Pierce Township and they are given a permit which is good for 6 months. The solicitor must have the permit “on-hand” when actively soliciting in Pierce Township. The township also provides “No Soliciting” stickers to our residents, that the resident can stick on the glass storm door or section of glass near the door. When the solicitor sees this sticker, they are to leave the property without making any contact with the resident. Every solicitor is informed of this and a copy of the sticker is also provided to them so they know what it looks like. That’s why we recommend putting the sticker in a very noticeable place. The stickers can be picked up at the police department or administrative office at 950 Locust Corner Rd. free of charge. If you have had solicitors in the last 2 weeks, they were not registered with Pierce Township and had no permit.

We have not issued any permits the last 2 months due to COVID-19 and the essential business guidelines. We began issuing permits on May 12th when the business’s in Ohio were allowed to re-open. Solicitors are required to follow the guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio.

If you still have questions, I can be reached at 513.752.4100. Chief Jeff Bachman – Pierce Township Police Department

Click here to view the resolution # 017-003 Establishing Regulations for Transient, Peddler, Solicitors, & Vendors