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Pre-Inspection Checklist for Businesses

The Pierce Township Fire Department conducts Annual Fire Inspections in accordance with Ohio Fire Code section:106.2 Inspections. Below is a list of some of the fire code safety violations firefighters look for during an annual inspection. You can use this list as a guide to assist you in identifying and correcting potential fire and life safety hazards in your building. This is a list of the most common violations and not meant to be a complete list of possible violations of the Ohio Fire Code. For more information, call 513-752-6273 and ask for a fire inspector.

  • Is the address posted on the front of your building? Are all exits free from obstructions?
  • Are all exit signs lighted and operate on battery power? Are all emergency lighting fixtures operational?
  • Is the electrical room door labeled?
  • Are all electrical circuits labeled in the electrical panel? Are there any extension cords used as permanent wiring? Is there storage within 30 inches of the electric panel?
  • Do all junction boxes, light switches, and outlets have cover plates? Is the commercial kitchen hood clean and free of grease?
  • Has the commercial kitchen hood extinguishing system has bi-annual service/testing?
  • Is there combustible waste accumulated in and around the building? Is all storage stable and orderly?
  • Is storage two feet below the ceiling or eighteen inched below the sprinkler head? Is there storage in exit pathways?
  • Is there combustible storage in mechanical or equipment rooms? Are compressed gas cylinders upright and scured?
  • Are all walls and ceilings without holes, all ceiling tiles are in place? Are all fire rated doors operational?
  • Are all fire extinguishers serviced annually?
  • Has the fire alarm system been tested and inspected annually? Has the fire sprinkler system been inspected and tested annually? Are all fire lanes marked and unobstructed?