Trustees Taking Next Steps with Facilities Upgrades

Following a work session on June 17, Pierce Township Trustees have decided to focus on a facilities plan which would include renovations and new facilities.  

Brandstetter Carroll Engineers & Architects presented four different scenarios to address the needs of township departments.

The different scenarios can be seen below:

Ultimately, the trustees decided to move forward with scenario 3.

This plan calls for renovations to the existing Locust Corner facility, which would have a satellite fire station and administration space.

The township would also construct a new police and fire building on the vacant lot located on the corner of Maple and Oak Streets (near the Amelia Branch Library).

Proposed site for police/fire building at Maple and Oak Streets

The estimated price tag for this scenario is $17,821,219. That number represents the combined cost of the renovation ($5,428,313) and the new building ($12,392,906).

Now the focus turns to paying for these projects. It will be up for discussion at the next Regular Meeting by the Board of Trustees on July 10.