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Pierce Township Parks Committee Needs Your Help!

They are looking for Pierce Township History. Thanks to grants awarded to the township, the Parks Committee will be installing History Markers (in accordance with the Park’s Master Plan) along the new paved walking trails at the park located on Locust Corner Road. The walking trails and historical markers are slated to be installed Spring/Summer 2020. Some of the topics being discussed are the 1937 flood, the streetcars that ran on through the township, the Bradbury Road train wreck, and brief histories of the small hamlets that used to exist in the township. Here’s how you can help…

  • Submit ideas for markers beyond the above proposals
  • Provide historical material (ie: photos, articles, etc.)
  • Volunteers to help collect and put the material together for individual History Markers and the website that will back up the information
  • Donations and sponsors that will allow the addition of more History Markers (each marker/sign is estimated to cost around $500).

If interested in helping, please contact George Carpenter at

Read more about the History Markers in the fall edition of the Park’s Newsletter:…/