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Township Overview

Founded in 1853, Pierce Township encompasses 23.5 square miles located in the Southwest corner of Clermont County, Ohio. With over 16,000 residents, Pierce has been able to maintain its rural charm as it’s grown and transformed from a farming community into primarily a residential community. (More about the history of Pierce Township)

Pierce is close to the action with a quick and easy drive to get downtown, but also just minutes from East Fork, one of Ohio’s largest State Parks. Bordered by the Ohio River to the south and located east of Hamilton County, Pierce is within ten miles of several recreational facilities and entertainment venues such as Riverbend Music Center, Coney Island, and Belterra Park Gaming & Entertainment.

Government services are provided by a three-person Board of Trustees and a Fiscal Officer, each elected by Pierce residents to staggered four-year terms. Pierce Township provides professional full-time Police, Fire, Office of Planning, Zoning, Community Development, Development Facilitation, and Service Department services.

The Trustees and Fiscal Officer carefully oversee a $14+ million budget with day-to-day operations handled by a Township Administrator.

The Board holds regularly scheduled public meetings on the second Wednesday of each month to conduct Township business. Special meetings or work sessions, which are also open to the public, are called and advertised as needed. Pierce residents, business owners, visitors, and any interested persons are welcome to attend and participate in these public meetings.

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