Pierce Township Special Events Policy

General Policy Statement and Purpose

The Township of Pierce, Ohio hereby adopts a policy to govern the planning, funding and execution of special events hosted or sponsored by the Township government.  The policy also establishes rules for special event activities that may occur on Township property, public right of ways, or private property that significantly impact surrounding properties.

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Non-Township Sponsored Special Events

A non-Pierce Township sponsored event is defined as follows:  An event organized and conducted by a non-profit organization as defined under Section 501(c)(3) through (10) of the internal revenue Code, a for-profit organization or business, or an individual or group of individuals (such as clubs, HOA’s etc.).  These organizations are required to obtain a Special Events License and pay applicable fees.  All special events shall comply with all federal, state, and local regulations.

The following types of events are exempt from the permitting requirements:

  • Any regular indoor use of an established and permanent place of worship, education facility, auditorium, or other places of assembly.
  • Any regular use of an established and permanent stadium or athletic field.
  • Non-Township sponsored events at Township or County Park property associated with the use of the facility, building, and/or shelter if proper rental and other required licenses and permits are obtained.
  • Golf Tournaments.
  • Funerals at designated cemeteries.
  • Graduations, parties, weddings, or funeral gatherings located on property that are used as a principal place of residence for the host of the event, and the event does not have amplified sound or music.  (Zoning permitting will required if large tents are utilized.)

Permits granting access to Township parks, other public property, right of ways, or activities that may impact right of ways, for the filming of motion picture, television, or internet platform productions require a separate Township authorization.  A filming application can be found by clicking here.

To obtain a Special Events License, please read the terms and conditions and complete the form below.
All applications for non-Township sponsored events will include a $75 application processing fee, which must be filed with the Township Office (950 Locust Corner Rd) at least thirty (30) days prior to the event

Special Events License

Special Event Application