American Beech

Size: The American Beech’s height ranges from 50ft to 70ft and the trunk’s diameter can reach to 13ft.

Location: It is commonly found east of the Mississippi River in American and Southern Canada in well watered soil.

Fun Facts: The American Beech is one of the most desired woods in the lumber industry due to the fact that it is strong, hard, and heavy.

Leaf Characteristics: The leaf is in an oval shape with coarse sections and many vains leading back to the main stem. The leaves turn to a bronze-yellow color in Autumn and remain on the tree most of the Winter season, until Spring comes around again.

Bark: The American Beech’s bark is grey and very smooth. It is common to see carvings drawn into the tree because of smooth it is.

Flowers: The male flowers are small, yellow, and in a round ball shape. The female flowers are even smaller, red, and commonly found on new branch growth.