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Jenny Lind Affordable Rental Housing proposal: Village Square

Several citizens attended the meeting of the Pierce Township Trustees on July 11, 2018 regarding a proposal for affordable housing partly on vacant parcels 282806I030 & 282806I129 (located on the east side of Jenny Lind between South Ridge Drive and Lyons Road.) Correspondence regarding this project will be updated as it becomes available.

Update August 1, 2018

After being told that the developer might not proceed with the development proposal discussed for the Village Square Apartments on Jenny Lind, Township staff received the following update from Ron Siddons, the Chief Development Officer for Frontier Community Services:

I have been asked to reach out to you to make sure you understand the exact reason that the credits for Village Square were returned to OHFA earlier this month.   Upon a final review of the zoning requirements in Pierce Township, it was found to contain a requirement that all units in the Transitional Residential Zoning area must have at least 1600 sq.ft. in each unit.   We reviewed our plans and costs and to meet this requirement, we would have had to add a significant amount of square footage to our units.   The cost increase would have been in excess of 1.4 million dollars.   There was no way to handle that kind of increase in the budget for Village Square.   After many meetings and hashing out of ideas, it was determined that returning the credits to the Ohio Housing Finance Agency was the only option left for us.   We did so.   We have owned affordable housing in Clermont County for nearly 17 years now and we were looking forward to adding a new development to the area.  We will continue to look for property in Clermont County that we can develop for the LMI populations we all serve.  Thank you.

This information was shared at the Special meeting held by the Trustees on July 31, 2018.  A formal zoning application was never submitted to Pierce Township for this project.  Frontier Community Services had only inquired regarding the existing zoning on this property.  The Transitional Residential (TR) zoning district is illustrated in brown on this map.  This is an area surrounding the Village of Amelia which allows multifamily construction if certain conditions are met.  After much public discussion, the Trustees passed Resolution 018-21, a “Resolution Placing a Temporary Moratorium on all Transitional Residential Zoning District Development in Pierce Township.”   This will allow time to seek public input through the public hearing process initiated by the zoning commission and the Board of Trustees which may result in revisions to the zoning map and written regulations affecting this district.  No new use applications for zoning permits will be accepted during this initial six-month moratorium.

Future notices will comply with legal notice requirements, be posted on our website and shared via email upon request.  We look forward to receiving your public feedback on this important aspect of local governance.  Future work will include a comprehensive review of the Land Use Plan for all of Pierce Township.

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