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The Pierce Township Green Space/Parks Committee Meeting will be Wednesday, January 5, 2022, at 6:30pm at the Township offices.


  • Review of the Tree Lighting Event
  • Update from the Event Ad Hoc Committee on Planning for 2022.
    • Locust Corner Easter Egg Hunt
    • Spencer Shank Easter Egg Hunt
    • Other Events
  • Ballfield fencing grant from Clermont County Parks.
  • Park Improvements – Kleingers Master Plan Prioritization
    • Please review the attached PRELIMINARY OPINION OF PROBABLE CONSTRUCTION COST documents for Groh, Spencer Shank and Locust Corner parks as presented at the December meeting by Kleingers.
    • Please come prepared to prioritize the projects for each park and a combination of all three parks.

NOTE:  for the sake of time…. we will limit this discussion to one hour.

If necessary, we will schedule a separate meeting to finish this project prior to presenting the Committee’s recommendations to the Trustees.