New Trail Markers Installed at Pierce Preserve & Trails

Dozens of trail markers are in the ground at Pierce Preserve & Trails, thanks to a collaborative effort with Clermont County, Pierce Township and volunteers.

The markers will serve as reference points to guide hikers, but they are also important for first responders.

“If someone is back on the trail, and they twist an ankle or they fall or they get overheated or they get lost, at least they know they passed marker 21 or marker 27. It gives us an idea of where they may be,” Pierce Township Fire Chief Craig Wright explained.

This project also included the creation of digital maps of all township trails, and that process was spearheaded by a volunteer.

“Jim Meyer worked with our parks committee, and now that this project is complete, those maps have been sent to Clermont County GIS, and they’ll be included on the next update at our communication center. Now all first responders with mobile computers will be able to pull up the maps of our parks,” Wright said.

This will be an ongoing effort as trails expand.

“We have the intersections labeled on the trail as it is now, but we’ll have more in the future as we make the new trails that go off into the woods,” said Pat Hogan, Greenspace/Parks Committee Member.

Hogan volunteered to install the markers along the trail at Pierce Preserve & Trails, and for now, that work is complete.