Electric & Gas Aggregation

In November 2018 voters approved an Energy Aggregation program for Pierce Township. 

Residents are currently receiving “opt out” notices from Dynegy and IGS, the bidders approved to supply energy under the Pierce Township Aggregation program.  The Trustees have approved 24-month fixed rate contracts with Dynegy at $.04985 per kWh for electric and with IGS at $.387 per CCF for natural gas.  These rates can be benchmarked against the “price to compare” shown on your Duke Energy bill.  Please carefully read through the mailings provided and feel free to call our office at 513-752-6262 with additional questions.  Duke Energy customers in Pierce Township will automatically be enrolled in the program.  Questions regarding the aggregation program, how to join the program or any questions regarding your specific existing energy services can also be directed to our Energy Consultant, Trebel, LLC at 1-877-861-2772.

Opt-out Electric Aggregation – Dynegy

Opt-out Gas Aggregation – IGS