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Flooding Preparation

Anywhere it rains, it can flood. Several parts of Pierce Township are located in especially flood prone areas.

The effects from flooding can be devastating, even with smaller events. A few inches of floodwater can cause damage costing tens of thousands of dollars to repair. And, if significant rainfall happens upstream of your property, flooding can strike even if it didn’t rain in the area of your home.

The good news is that you can take steps to prepare. By purchasing flood insurance and planning to make your property safer and stronger, you can significantly lessen the effects of flooding on your home or business, your family, and your finances.

Please download the documents below to learn more about preparing for flooding and for FEMA National Flood Insurance Program.

Am I at Risk of Flooding Fact Sheet 
FEMA Commercial Flooding Program
Flood Preferred Risk Policy Brochure
Know the Risk Flood Frequency Map
Myths about the National Flood Insurance Program
So you Live Behind a Levee Fact Sheet
National Flood Insurance Fact Sheet
Top Ten Facts for the National Flood Insurance Program
Where and How to Buy Flood Insurance