Township Sponsored Special Events

The Township routinely funds and sponsors special events in the community each year.  This policy develops procedures for setting a special events calendar, setting annual funding limits, and establishing a cost-tracking structure for the events.

  1. Township Special Events Calendar

Each calendar year, the Board of Trustees will approve a schedule of special events.  The list of special events will be proposed by the Township’s Parks and Greenspace Committee, along with various Township Departments.  All proposed special events will include the following:

  1. Event name and nature of special event (e.g., car show, concert, parade, etc.).
  2. Planned date and hours for event, including rain dates, if applicable.
  3. Budgetary request for event.
  4. Number of patrons expected to attend event.
  5. Goal of event (if event is targeted to a certain audience)
  6. Township staffing requirements.  Security, parking/traffic support, required inspections, set-up or tear-down by Services Department, administrative support (promotion, coordination, etc.).
  7. List of proposed sponsors and amount of sponsor money to be raised for the event.
  8. If an agency is requesting multiple special events, the events shall be ranked in preferred order.

All requests for the following year are due in the Township Administrator’s office by May 1st each year in conjunction with the Township’s budgetary process for the following year.  (Known as the Tax Budget) The Administrator will compile the entire list of submittals and cost estimates for each event.  The proposed list of special events will be presented to the Board of Trustees for discussion and approval at the annual budgetary worksession.

The Board of Trustees will set a total dollar amount to be appropriated for special events the following year.  Proposed Township special events for the following year will be ranked and approved by the Board within the approved budgetary framework.  Any alterations to the approved list or funding amount will require a majority vote of the Board after the budget has been approved.

  • Special Event Promotion

The Township Administrative staff will assist, when possible, in promoting the Township-sponsored special event.  This will include the Township webpage, social media channels, and traditional media.  Temporary signs and advertisements may also be employed if those costs are accounted for in the special event’s proposed budget.

  • Special Event Reporting

All Township special events will be accounted for within the Township’s financial accounting system.  The special events sponsor shall submit a brief report following the event summarizing the final cost of the event, number of attendees, total sponsors, sponsor revenue, estimated use of Township staff time, and any funds generated from the event (ticket sales, beverage sales, food truck royalties, etc.).