The Public Works Department will remove all illegal adornments twice a year according to the cemetery rules (quoted below.) Tentatively Mid-January and again in Mid-June.


For proper care of the cemetery, seasonal arrangements and decorations are removed approximately 4 weeks after a holiday. Prior to being discarded, all arrangements and decorations are placed in a box by the Service Building, and held about 30 days for reclaiming. All removals are discretionary.

Pierce Township Cemetery does not permit; fences, glass, marble chips, gravel, statues, toys, pin wheels, balloons, shepherd hooks, etc. on grave lots or monuments. Permanent planting of bushes, flowers or trees is not permitted on grave lots. Planting of flowers must be within 12″ on the grave side of the head stone.

All decorations shall be placed against head stone or head of grave. No decorations in aisles. Pierce Township is not responsible for items placed at the grave site and reserves the right to remove all decorations and plants of any kind from the cemetery when they do not conform to approved standards.

Pierce Township Cemetery Rules and General Information