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Cemetery Pricing

Sites may be purchased by appointment only, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 a.m. & 11 a.m. & 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Contact Laura Waczovszky at (513) 752-6262 for an appointment.  To view cemetery rules & guidelines – click here.  To view interment pricing – click here.

Payment Methods:
Pierce Township does not accept debit or credit card payments.  We only accept cash, checks and money orders.  Please make checks payable to: Pierce Township.

Above Ground Monuments

Cemetery Prices Grave
Resident $500.00 per Grave
Non-Resident $1,250.00 per Grave

Note: price includes notary fee,  Monuments not to exceed 36″ in height.

Memorial Gardens- Ground level monuments only

Cemetery Prices Grave
Resident $500.00 per Grave
Non-Resident $1,250.00 per Grave

Note: Prices include notary fee.  Ground level monuments only. Single marker 1′ x 2′ maximum. Double marker 1′ x 4′ maximum.

To Complete a Destination Form (click on Destination Form) and mail to Pierce Township Administration Office at 950 Locust Corner Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45245 Attn: Cemetery.

Monument Foundation Charges – Foundation Price Listing

Price Per Square Inch (min $108.00) $.75 per square inch
Flower Vase Set in Concrete $55.00
Veteran Marker $60.00
Concrete Urn $110.00
Removal of any monument footer $70.00

Burial Rights Transfer – Burial Rights Transfer Form

Burial Rights Transfer Fee $50.00 per grave

General Information

  • You will receive your deed in approximately four to eight weeks.
  • A single grave dimension is 10′ L x 40″ W.
  • Consider opening graves for male spouses on the right of the female spouse facing East
  • Footers for monuments are poured in large groups and takes eight to twelve months depending on the weather and ground to install