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Cemetery Information

Pierce Township Cemetery  Pierce Township Cemetery 2

Dogs are not permitted in the Cemetery and fishing from the pond is prohibited. 

Sites may be purchased by appointment only, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. & 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Contact Laura Waczovszky at (513) 752-6262 for an appointment.


When ordering monuments be sure to tell the representative to send a written order with dimensions and a check for footer to Pierce Township Cemetery preferably the same day you buy your monument. Generally the the footers for monuments are poured in large groups and take eight to twelve months depending on weather and ground to install. Pierce Township reserves the right to install all monument footers. Homemade monuments are not permitted on any lot. All monuments shall be granite, marble or bronze to conform to cemetery standards. See the pricing page for pricing details.

Pierce Township does not set monuments/markers; monument companies are responsible to place the monuments/markers.

Monument Engravings

Family names, poems and eulogies on either side of the monument are acceptable. The full name of the deceased and any dates on the monuments shall face:

West in sections: 1-A, 3-B, 1-B (lots 61 through 120)
East in sections: 1-B (lots 1 through 60), 2-B (all lots)

Monument Dimensions – A single grave dimension is 10′ L x 40″ W.

Single grave shall not exceed: 16″W x 34″L x 36″H
Double grave shall not exceed: 16″W x 64″L x 36″H Section 2-B

Section 2-B Memorial Gardens

All monuments shall remain at ground level.

Veteran Markers

Veteran markers, if used, shall be placed at the head of the deceased. Veteran marker installation: $60.00


For proper care of the cemetery, seasonal arrangements and decorations are removed approximately 4 weeks after a holiday. Prior to being discarded, all arrangements and decorations are placed in a box by the Service Building, and held about 30 days for reclaiming. All removals are discretionary.

All decorations shall be placed against head stone or head of grave. No decorations in aisles. Pierce Township is not responsible for items placed at the grave site and reserves the right to remove all decorations and plants of any kind from the cemetery when they do not conform to approved standards.

Pierce Township Cemetery does not permit; fences, glass, marble chips, gravel, statues, toys, pin wheels, balloons, shepherd hooks, etc. on grave lots or monuments. Permanent planting of bushes, flowers or trees is not permitted on grave lots. Planting of flowers must be within 12″ on the grave side of the head stone.