Zoning Permit Application

See a list of zoning fees here. 

See the zoning resolution here (opens as PDF)

7. Acknowledgement: It is the responsibility of the applicant to review the property deed for covenants, easements, and/or other restrictions that may inhibit the issuance of a zoning permit certificate or violate a subdivision regulation. Pierce Township does not administer or enforce private agreements. Consequently, violators of deed covenants or other restrictions are liable for potential legal actions from private owners, home owners associations and/or other vested parties.

8. Applications for Zoning Permit Certificates must include applicable documentation which may include one or more of the following: a. A plat of the lot to be developed with dimensions, lot and parcel number, with evidence that the lot has been surveyed. b. A site plan drawn to scale showing the location and dimensions of proposed and existing buildings, driveways, parking areas, landscaping, signage, topography and/or other public or private features necessary to demonstrate compliance with the Zoning Resolution. c. Photographs, drawings, renderings, product specifications, material data sheets, informational brochures and/or similar information that helps to demonstrate compliance with the Zoning Resolution.

9. Please contact the Office of Planning, Zoning, and Community Development staff with any questions or concerns using the contact information listed on the front page of this application. The Pierce Township Zoning Resolutions, Zoning Map and Permit Fee schedule can be found online at: www.piercetownship.org (Go to Office of Planning, Zoning, and Community Development page for links to the Resolution, Map and Fee Schedule). I hereby state that the above information, together with all submitted materials, is a true statement and covenant and agree to comply with the laws of the State of Ohio and with Pierce Township Zoning Resolution relating thereto.

Note: Application is not complete until all information & fee is received as required by the Zoning Resolution and Ohio Revised Code.